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 Srila Bishnu Maharaja's 2019 Travel Itinerary

Dear devotees and friends! Pranam.

This is my 2019 World Tour itinerary. The dates are now fixed as follows:


From March 25th - Radhavallabha temple Maribor, Alicante, Madrid, Spain. and Europe.


Below is the confirmed tour for USA and Latin America: 


April 9th Travel to New York

April 15th Travel to Ithaca, New York by car

April 19th Travel to Charlotte, North Carolina 

April 23rd Travel to Jacksonville, Florida

April 29th Travel to Miami, Florida by car


May 6th Travel to Dallas, Texas 

May 9th Travel to Seattle, Washington

May 14th Travel to Eugene, Oregon (Nrisimha Chaturdasi May 17th)

May 21st Travel to Fresno, California and Badger by car

May 29th Travel to San Francisco, California 


June 4th Travel to Mexico City 

July 2nd Travel to Quito, Ecuador 

July 16th Travel to Peru 

July 30th Travel to Argentina 


August 12th Travel to Colombia (Janmastami Aug.23rd)

August 28th Travel to Los Angeles, California


September 3rd Travel to Hawaii, (Radhastami Sep 6th)

September 10th Travel to Thailand 

September 17th Travel to Kolkata/Mayapur


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